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Dataology and Data Science:Up to Now
ZHU Yangyong,Xiong Yun
Research Center for Dataology and DataScience, School of Computer Science, Fudan University
*Correspondence author
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Subject: Basic Subject of Computer science and technology
Funding: The National ScienceFoundation Project of China(No.60903075), Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project(No.B114)
Opened online:16 June 2011
Accepted by: none
Citation: ZHU Yangyong,Xiong Yun.Dataology and Data Science:Up to Now[OL]. [16 June 2011] http://www.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4432156
The data explosion is the rapid increase in the amount of data in cyberspace, which brings human into a big data era and impels datanature forming. More specific data are generated in datanature besides those corresponding to the facts in nature which are stored in computer systems. On one hand, increasing research in natural science and social science intend to fall back on data, for example biology benefits from bioinformatics, because traditional approaches cannot meet some new challenges. On the other hand, new specific phenomena and rules from datanature cannot be obtained and illustrated using existing theories, methods and technologies in natural science and social science. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new science, called Dataology and Data Science, with data in cyberspace being its research object. In this paper, an overview of Dataology and Data Science is given. We review existing terms about this new science, discuss their definitions and scope, and analyze current research. In addition, we also review now available proceedings, journals, research organizations as comprehensive as possible.
Keywords:Dataology; Data Science; Datanature; Cyberspace

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