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Continuous variable quantum key distribution based on optical entangled states without signal modulation
SU Xiaolong,Wang Wenzhe,WANG Yu,JIA Xiaojun,XIE Changde *,PENG Kunchi
*Correspondence author
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Subject: Quantum Optics
Funding: NationalBasicResearchProgramofChina(No.2006CB921101), 高等学校博士点新教师专项科研基金(No.200801081022), ShanxiProvinceScienceFoundationforYouths(No.2008021002), NSFC(No.60736040,10674088,10804065and60608012), NSFCProjectforExcellentResearchTeam(No.60821004)
Opened online:14 March 2011
Accepted by: none
Citation: SU Xiaolong,Wang Wenzhe,WANG Yu.Continuous variable quantum key distribution based on optical entangled states without signal modulation[OL]. [14 March 2011] http://www.paper.edu.cn/lwzx/en_releasepaper/content/4414447
In this paper, we present the first experimental demonstration on continuous variable quantum key distribution using determinant Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entangled states of optical field. By means of the instantaneous measurements of the quantum fluctuations of optical modes respectively distributed at sender and receiver, the random bits of secret key are obtained without the need for signal modulation. The post-selection boundaries for the presented entanglement-based scheme against both Gaussian collective and individual attacks are theoretically concluded. The final secret key rates of 84 kbits/s and 3 kbits/s are completed under the collective attack for the transmission efficiency of 80% and 40%, respectively.
Keywords:Quantum optics, quantum key distribution, entangled state

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